Crankshaft Repair Hanshin Diesel 6LF58 Italy

Bengi BV is a official representative of the Hanshin Diesel Works Ltd Japan and carried out major repair at Genua Italy, found crankshaft was damaged and needed repair by grinding in the Hanshin factory.

Dismantling all main components and transport out of the vessel, all parts were loaded on trucks for overhaul at our workshop in Spijkenisse, Holland.

All main bearing caps were machined and complete bed plate is line bored back to standard size all under class.

All parts as pistons, covers, liners, fuel pumps ect. are completely overhauled.

Crankshaft was send to Hanshin Diesel factory for complet repair, all main and crankpin journals were grinded.

Engine rebuild with all new Bengi BV supplied spare parts, the engine was tested and seatrial carried out untill fully satisfaction of owners.